Pet Sitter Safety Guidelines

  • Sitters are to report their temperature first thing in the morning and are required to report any suspected illness to management
    Wear a mask while in your home or in any public places.
  • Any additional supplies are brought with them so they can touch as little as possible.
  • They wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds upon arrival in your home, then, with clean hands, they clean/refill water and food dishes, and wash their hands before departing.
  • All surfaces touched while in your home (counters, door handles, light switches, keypads, lockboxes, leashes [if used], etc.) are sanitized prior to leaving, each visit.
  • If you have any additional precautions you’d like us to take, we are happy to oblige!


Client Safety Guidelines

  • Wipe down any surfaces like door handles and faucet handles with an antibacterial cleaner or wipes before the pet sitter arrives for their visit.
  • Have soap, paper towels, and running water available.
  • If you or someone in your home becomes sick on a day where we have a scheduled visit, let us know as soon as possible so that we can cancel the scheduled visit and any upcoming visit(s).
  • If you are home and the pet sitter arrives for a visit, there are two options:
    • Option one – after washing hands, you can prepare your pup(s) for their walk, and then do a hand-off at the door.
    • Option two – keep a distance of 6 ft while FurEver Family Staff follows the procedures stated above.