Options for home access:

  • Lock box of your choosing or purchase from FurEver Family Pet Services for $23.
  • Key service, we will pick up/drop off keys for $10 per trip, first key service is free.
  • FurEver Family Pet Services can manage your home key on file. Two working copies of your house key will be either picked up at the meet and greet or we can make a copy at our locksmith. This cost is worked into our service rates. All keys are inventoried weekly and kept in a locked safe.
  • If you live in a gated community, provide a gate code.
  • Garage code with a second backup key option.
  • Door lock code with back up key.
  • *Please notify us if locks have changed.

*Keys will not be mailed by regular mail, hidden outside, or locked in homes on last visits. Should keys become unusable, lock malfunctions, client fails to leave a key, or for any other reasons beyond our control, FurEver Family Pet Services will first contact all emergency contacts listed on file with your home key, and second has the authorization to employ the services of a locksmith to gain entry into a client’s home on client’s behalf to complete a scheduled service.

Client will be responsible for all expenses incurred and reimburse FurEver Family Pet Services through your pet portal for time spent and locksmith charges. Please test all keys first, making sure they work, before giving to FurEver Family Pet Services.