We will provide service to dogs with access to the outdoors only if we have specific written instruction from the pet and homeowner outlining us to do so. Any dogs with outdoor access by a dog door must have tags and/or be microchipped with the number added to our records. In the event a pet escapes, or there is a home break-in, we will begin protocol to contact you (emergency contact if you are not reachable) as well as the appropriate authorities. We will take all steps to retrieve any lost animals. Owner agrees to reimburse FurEver Family Pet Services for additional time spent, fees, and costs associated with the event of a lost animal or break in which may include vaccinations, vet visits, and Pet Taxi services.

If the client’s pet(s) use a dog door allowing access outdoors, and the client requests it left open during our care, the client releases FurEver Family Pet Services from all liability if anything happens to the pet(s) while outdoors.