Cancellations and returning home

We understand life happens. When possible, contact us 24 hours before service is scheduled to start in order to avoid the cancellation fee. Any cancellations that are less than 24 hours in-advance will forfeit any refund or credit. Upon your return home, please send a message through your client portal to let us know that

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We encourage all clients to pay through the Time to Pet Portal or leave cash or check to pick up on our first scheduled visit. We reserve the right to decline or end service for non-payment. Weekly billing can be arranged. Checks: There is a service charge of $25 for returned checks. All payments are

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Credits and Refunds

All credits on the client accounts are applied to the next invoice. Please contact us if you would like to save a credit for a different invoice or go over the refund process.

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Job Sharing

It is very important to notify FurEver Family Pet Services of any other person (relative, neighbor, contractor, cleaning service, child, etc.) having permission to access your home while you are away. If we are not notified in advance, we will need to contact the police for our safety, the pet's safety, and the safety of

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We require full payment before services begin including our holiday surcharge of $10 per each visit on a holiday day listed on our services page of our website. The holiday charge goes to your Pet Sitters for working on a major holiday.

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Keys/Access to Home

Options for home access: Lock box of your choosing or purchase from FurEver Family Pet Services for $23. Key service, we will pick up/drop off keys for $10 per trip, first key service is free. FurEver Family Pet Services can manage your home key on file. Two working copies of your house key will be

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All communication regarding FurEver Family Pet Services must be conducted on your private client portal, through the office number (call or text 971-331-4404, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm), or on the company's email. Calling and/or texting any employees on their private cell phones is strictly prohibited. Using other methods to communicate such as private email and Facebook are

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Outdoor pets

We will provide service to dogs with access to the outdoors only if we have specific written instruction from the pet and homeowner outlining us to do so. Any dogs with outdoor access by a dog door must have tags and/or be microchipped with the number added to our records. In the event a pet

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