What types of animals do you care for?

All animals, we don’t discriminate! Please let us know ahead of time if your pet(s) needs a slower introduction, are more comfortable with a male or female sitter, or is prone to any specific triggers. We want to ensure everyone is set up for success!

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Visit updates

We will provide a full update at each visit, along with pictures of your pets and/or home, so you know how everything is going while you are away. These updates will be posted in your client portal for easy reference, and will be delivered to you via email by our software system.

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Dog trainings and walks

We welcome the opportunity to continue and support any training you are working on while we are with your pets. Please contact us if you would like to go over specific training instructions. We are not certified dog trainers, however we are happy to provide consistency with your trainings and the specific commands you

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