Pet sitting software

FurEver Family Pet Services offers our client’s a personalized Pet Sitting software called Time To Pet. An account is set up on our client’s behalf through email. With this account, you can manage your pets and home information, provide immediate updates to your pet sitter, schedule or cancel services, pay invoices and much more. You

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Scheduling visits

We work to meet each scheduling request quickly and responsibly. Please schedule your visits as soon as you are able to ensure availability and your ideal time slot. Reservations for existing clients can be scheduled through your client portal. Scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis, in time blocks, as we cannot

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Job Sharing

It is very important to notify FurEver Family Pet Services of any other person (relative, neighbor, contractor, cleaning service, child, etc.) having permission to access your home while you are away. If we are not notified in advance, we will need to contact the police for our safety, the pet's safety, and the safety of

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Benefits of using a pet sitter

Home environment that is familiar and safe allows pets to maintain their daily routines Reduces risk of illness LOTS of personal attention and loves given Not confined to an unfamiliar space, kennel or small room for most of their day Allows YOU peace of mind to enjoy your time away You don’t have to bother

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Supply list

Things to have accessible for your Pet Sitter: 2 Keys to home, access to lockbox, or door code Fire extinguisher Food and/or treats Leash/collar – good working condition, ID and license tags attached Poop bags Toys Brush Pet-friendly towel Cleaning supplies, paper towels, rags and garbage bags Any special written instructions Extra litter (with scoop

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Client tools and resources

END OF LIFE CARE Coping with the impending loss of a pet is one of the most difficult experiences a pet parent will face. Whether your furry friend is approaching their golden years, or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, it’s important to calmly guide the end-of-life experience and minimize any discomfort or distress.

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