We Love Lockboxes
And Think YOU Will too!

Did you know…FurEver Family has lockboxes in stock!?!? They are cool 4 digit combination locks and only $23. Shoot us a message or head to our shopping page on our website and get yours today!

How lockboxes benefit YOU
  • If you get locked out!
  • Go for a walk without having to carry all your keys or purse with you!
  • Family coming to visit and arriving early while you’re still at work!
  • You have control of your key!
  • There’s an emergency and you need someone to grab your pets!
Why WE love lockboxes
  • Less trips back and forth to pick up or drop off keys – saving YOU money!
  • Fewer keys to worry about.
Where would I set up a lockbox?
  • Lockboxes don’t have to be visible from the front of your house!
  • Find a spot to install it that’s not easily visible to people passing by. Consider putting your lockbox behind a post or railing or on the side of your home instead of next to the front door.

Administrative Fee

In order to keep our overall rates and charges low, provide “the extras,” and maintain our excellent service, a 5% Administration Fee will now be added to every invoice to cover a portion of business costs.  These costs include, but are not limited to: providing our Sitters with employee benefits (workman’s comp and paid time off), our liability and bonding policy, insurance(s), tax liabilities, ongoing animal education, sitter vetting and orientation programs, background checks, gas stipend, etc.

Thank you for your understanding!




Your reservation for a scheduled visit from one of our Pet Sitters is only confirmed when you have received an invoice/confirmation via Time To Pet email.

There are three ways to make a reservation!

  • Call the office at 971-331-4404. (Messages left are not considered confirmations)



Contract Updates

Starting June 1st, updates to the contract will be found on the policies and procedures page on our website.



We’re Hiring!

Now that more and more people are getting vaccinated, we’re starting to see lots of new (and familiar) adorable pets! If you or anyone is interested in becoming a part of FurEver Family, give us a shout! We’re currently hiring:

Part time Professional Pet Caretakers in the following areas:

  • SE Portland
  • Milwaukie/Gladstone
  • Oregon City

Part time Client Happiness Assistant


Please go to: https://fureverfamilypdx.com/job-application/

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