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Furever Family Fundraising Garage Sale – Held each summer, with proceeds going to a local non-profit organization!   Watch our Facebook page for dates and location!

Volunteer Days – We LOVE to be able to give back every chance we get.   We pack food for F.I.D.O. Ani-Meals, we clean litter boxes for PAWS Animal Shelter, we’re going to be heading to a local Sanctuary this summer.  Follow us on our Facebook page so you can come join us!

Friends Forever Program   Most of us expect to outlive our animal companions.   But what if, due to unexpected medical incapacity or death, we are no longer able to care for them?   Our pets have given us so much:  unconditional love, joy, comfort, and unfailing friendship.  Preparing for their safety and security in the event of our absence is the final, but perhaps most significant, act of this lifelong friendship.

Regardless of whether your beloved companion is a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, or other pet, OHS can help you plan for his or her welfare should he/she outlive you.  In Oregon, as in most states, you cannot leave money directly to your pets, however, with OHS’s unique Friends Forever Program, you can make provisions for the care and adoption of your surviving pets through your will or other estate documents.

By enrolling in Friends Forever and making a planned gift to OHS you have their promise to immediately receive, care for, and place into new homes, any surviving pets.  Your pets depend on you to meet their needs – food, water, a warm place to sleep, and love – and OHS promises to be there for them when you no longer can.


The Little Shelter with a Big Heart. 

Have you ever found a little baby animal and didn’t know who to call or were to take it? PAWS adoption center specializes in caring for newborn, orphaned baby animals as well as providing tender loving care for homeless, unwanted or abandoned animals. Sharon, the owner of this non-profit has occupied a little shelter nestled in the shops of West Linn for 18 years.

At the time we visited her she had two little kitties with the equivalent of cerebral palsy. She kindly showed what they needed for their care and let us help and hold them throughout the visit. Sharron works to help educate the community members on what these animals really need. Her job is endless and her heart is open to all furry creatures who come through her door. The 600 sq ft space is clean and made to look like a true kitty home. Kittens, she says, “they go quickly”; her adult kitties however have a little harder time finding their forever home. She has very affordable adoption prices and often losses money on the process. However, Sharon’s only concerns are the animals. This is a true kitty home, they welcome all who would like to come in but ask that you would please be respectful of the kitties who live there.

The shelter is a not-for-profit facility, depending 100% on the Portland community’s generous donations and grants. With your much needed financial support, PAWS Animal Shelter pays for utility bills, rent, numerous vet bills, baby formula, food, litter, supplies, medications, immunizations and orphan baby bottles while trying to save for a bigger facility.  

Needed Items:  Cash Donations, Interactive cat toys, Royal Canin Kitten Food, Pur-Vita-Adult Cat Food


F.I.D.O. AniMeals–

Most all of us agree pets are essential to life. Some people are force to make hard decisions when it comes to their lively hoods and their pets. The volunteers at F.I.D.O. are making life a little more humane at the AniMeals food bank off Kaen road in Oregon City. Their number one mission is to keep pets in their homes and out of the shelter. The AniMeals program delivers pet food along with the Meals-on-Wheels program every other week to recipients who often are at risk of sacrificing their own nutrition to feed their animals. This also reduces the necessity of relinquishing their pet(s), which is akin to losing a family member and is especially depressing to our senior population.

They alleviate the financial stress and hassle of large food bags by repackaging pet food into easy to manage portions and distribute it to everyone they can find with a need. Nancy Marten the President of the organization says, if they could just alleviate $40 for a bag of dog food that money can be spent putting a child in sports or a extra meal for the family. They ask that everyone pays $2-$5 for the food and supplies people take but will always give someone food if they have no money. Their outreach seems to be contagious as they are expanding to other communities in the state of Oregon. In Portland their reach has touched children, seniors, college students, veterans, and our homeless to name a few. The Animeals program is well organized machine with dedicated volunteers from the community as well as people trying to get back on their feet coming from the correction facilities next door. F.I.D.O is reaching the hearts of many, now is a great time to join in the cause!

Needed Items:  Cash donations, Dog bowls, Dog beds, Leashes, Gates, Any type of dog/cat supplies, Treats, Cat food, Grain free dog food, Coupons, Sample bags of dog and cat food


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